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» Prime CIP VC93

Code Description
3003720 Prime CIP VC93 20LTR 25.8KG UN1824 Class 8 pg 11
3003722 Prime CIP VC93 200LTR 258KG UN1824 Class 8 pg 11
3003790 Prime CIP VC93 900LTR UN1824 1221KG Class 8 pg 11

A medium hard water tolerant, blended caustic detergent, used for CIP and spray washing applications in the Dairy, Processed Food and Pharmaceutical industries. PrimeCIP is a low foaming liquid caustic detergent suitable for use in medium hard water. PrimeCIP provides excellent detergency for single stage Dairy CIP applications, e.g. Milk Reception, HTST and Evaporator cleaning. PrimeCIP is used as a fryer boil-out detergent in Processed Food applications. PrimeCIP is used in the Pharmaceutical industry for the removal of heavy duty soiling in the fermentation broth process. PrimeCIP is suitable for use in CIP applications under conditions of high turbulence. PrimeCIP is suitable for use in tray, crate and mould cleaning applications